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hey when we got our weather briefing flying out of former CKS(now Taoyuan intl airport) in the beginning of this month(Jun2007), the "stationary front" shown on the weather lingering over 3000 nautical miles!! from the east coast of Mainland China all the way to the middle of the Pacific....

no wonder the monsoon is so hidious this year....

well in no time u'll miss this coolness in the middle of the summer especially in Taipei basin

rock on my friend!!


hhmm stumbled upon this by accident but cool pics man. greetings from the US.


Thanks for the heads up on the rain conditions. Fortunately, I don't live in Taipei, so I won't feel the heat in the Taipei basin!

Thanks for the compliment!


I enjoy reading your blog. Recently, I came across a new video
communication tool/product (?) that seems great for other expats... It's a
pretty cool way for people to talk with friends/family in other countries
face to face - and it looks free... kinda like the next Skype. You can check it out at www.tokbox.com

P.S. And the cool thing is that you can also embed this on your blog if you


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