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The myth you're referring to is actually the Chinese legend of Hou Yi (后羿 ), who shoots down 9 of 10 suns (giant flaming birds, actually) to save mankind from a form of prehistoric global warming. I seem to remember a Taiwanese soft drink commercial a few years back with a riff on the legend featuring an archer who extinguishes the suns with his beverage...


Thanks for the clarification. The story was in one of my textbooks as a Chinese fable, but I have had students turn it in as both a Taiwanese tale and an aboriginal story, too, so I wasn't really clear on its origins.


These pix are beautiful! I don't know if this is appropriate but I'm going to ask anyway... I love the Rice Field & Temple pix and wondered if I could get the jpg from you to print and frame.


Hi! Thanks for your wonderful blog and fantastic photos. I was actually trying to remember the correct names for some foods I have eaten while in Taiwan and ran across your page! How lucky! I am here for another week. It's been good so far, lots of food and lots of shopping. I also went to Jiu Fen on my first day here! Do you have any suggestions on things I should see or do in like a list or something? My friend who I am staying with hasn't been back home for a few years and feels unsure on a lot of things. Anyway, any tips are appreciated!


Since it sounds like you are probably in Taipei, I'm not too much help. Around Taipei there is a cool sculpture museum, and you could go to the Bei Tou hot springs for a day, but I really know the South and East Coast better.


hey if u haven't visited Juming sculpture park in Chin-Shan, please do so..... it is very very good my dear friend

they even have a tour bus which will take u from TPE to there

bit pricy but definitely worth it

skip the intro and you'll see Chinese, Engligh and Japanese version of it


Yes, I have heard good things about the museum, but since I don't live in Taipei, it is a bit out of the way for me. I've been trying to go for a while, though.

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