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Hi, I've been living in Kaohsiung for 8 months now and love your blog. My husband and I were in Kaohsiung City (near FE21) at the time of the tremors. And I tell you, I wasn't calm as a freaking vegetable :p. I was terrified, maybe on 14th floor was worse than on the ground, I don't know. The second big one (6.5) scared the life out of us as the building swang from side to side so violently that we thought that the walls woulnd't make it. After that we were told to evacuate the flats and go to the main hall on the ground floor. We did that as many of our neighbours did too. I'm still traumatized. This morning's earthquake wasn't so bad but enough to make me panic again. I hope it stops, fully stops, I really do. Take care.


Thanks for reading. I suppose you get used to it, and it depends on where you are. I have only felt about 5 or 6 earthquakes here in 3 years. This was the first in a long time. It is definitely worse on the top floors, where you swing and sway a lot. Out where I was, we actually had fun rolling around. Others I have talked to, however, were not so amused. Next time it happens, just repeat the mantra "calm as a vegetable, calm as a vegetable, calm as a vegetable"!


I'm calm as a cabbage. I am calm as a cabbage.
I feel like one of those chicken from Chicken Run who says "We shall not panic, we shall not panic. AAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHH!" :D
I'm calm as a cabbage.

Tasanee L S

my family and i were in Hua Hin, Thailand and they had a tsunami warning there. thankfully nothing happen. but the water did go down some

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