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Great stuff -- wish I'd read this BEFORE moving to Taiwan (though I did survive my year there without a major accident). I'd simply add this, on the subject of helmets: get a full-face helmet, not a tiny little clam shell (aka brain bucket). I know they're hot, but if you go down, wouldn't you want your entire head (face included) protected?


Good to hear from you, newley. Too bad we didn't manage to get together in BKK.

Yes, the helmet is important. I think I put it in the original post, but it bears repeating. Buy a full or 3/4 helmet. Face shields are especially nice if you drive on dusty, industrial-use roads. In the rain, they blur vision a bit, but much less than water hitting you in the face will. The clam shell ones just slide to the side. Result: brain damage. Seriously.


Nice blog, I like the way you write about Taiwan. Keep going. ^^

By the way, these tips can say my life on the road.ha.



wow, you're an excellent writer. I appreciate the tips for the scootering. I am trying to buy my very first scooter this week. I just moved to Kaohsiung....got any pointers for buying a relatively cheap bike but that is in good condition?

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