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Fox News isn't just conservative. It's plainly misleading/false. :-( That said, it's still one notch up from what we get in Taiwan. :-(

Michelin L. W. Y.

I just avoid cable news and mainland Chinese tourists as much as I can -- they sputter too much nonsense.


:) Actually, I haven't met many Chinese tourists here. One group in Kenting, I think. I suppose they are all over the place in their buses, but maybe they are sequestered in the evenings, as I never see them wandering about town.

Right Democrat

Since the United Nations is supposed to provide a voice for all nations, I see no basis other than China's objections as to why Taiwan is locked out of the U.N. I also think it is time for the U.S. to recognize Taiwan as independent and self-governing nation.

Over the years, American foreign policy has taken several unrealistic approaches in regard to China and Taiwan. For more than 20 years following the communist revolution in China, we had a "one China" policy pretending that the nationalist exile leadership based in Taiwan was the legitimate government of the Chinese mainland. In the early 70's, the U.S. adopted the asurdity of a "Two China" policy and then soon shifted to another "One China" approach favoring the mainland Chinese government.

The U.S. should recognize that while there is only one China that Taiwan is a soverign nation which has been separate from mainland China for over 50 years. Americans across the political spectrum should support the human rights of the people of Taiwan by supporting their continued independence despite the threats from mainland China.

Japan should be encouraged to re-militarize to help balance the power of China in Asia. At some point, the rest of the world is going to have to stand up to China's growing economic and military might.



Right Democrat: that's all very well but as long as Mr. GWB is there to (mis)handle the funds, not much is going to change in Asia.


I agree with your observations of how Chinese propaganda has completely brainwashed its people over the decades, but I strongly disagree with your view on Fox News and U.S. media.

It's safe to say the major news networks have their own political leaning, but none so irresponsible and embarrassing as CBS (can you say Rather-gate?). Fox News gets a lot of flak for supporting the conservative views, but if all you get is the liberal alliance made up of the networks+CNN+BBC, where is the balance in that? What you find so *shocking* about Fox News can be said about the liberal alliance as well from a conservative point of view. Do you question BBC's or CNN's reports -- as well-regarded as they may be -- when you watch them, or do you take them as irrefutable facts?

The beauty of free speech and free press is everybody has a say, whether you like it or not. I believe the important thing to remember when watching these news reports is to analyze what's being said and come to your own conclusion later, instead of watching with a confirmatory bias and believing everything that's fed to you.


Nonsense. There's a limit to free speech. Especially when you can reach millions of people - such media need to be accountable for exercising the rights to 'free speech'.

If you insist on turning black into a questionable shade of white, you may be enjoying your brand of free speech but you'd probably need a stint at a local lunatic asylum.

Jenni Nickerson

"It was in my doctor's waiting office, too, that I noticed with appall that we were watching the Fox News Channel."
I can beat that hands down. My doctor in Cali made me swear I would vote for Gore before giving me a prescription. How’s that for appalling. Needless to say that was my last visit to that office.

Anyone that takes ANY media outlet as 100% truth is a fool. There will always be biased of some sort. Just look at this blog entry, it would make you think that fox news eats black babies. I'm sure, depending on your point of view and desire to take something apart you could find bias at FOX or BBC just as easy as any other media outlet.


No one is disputing that there exists bias in every medium. However, Hitler himself had his own brand of bias, too. Fox News is no different. Hitler managed to convince millions of people to follow his ideas. Fox News's reach is even more far-reaching. There threfore must be a limit to free speech. Of course, in any democracy the onus lies on the speaker/medium. But since when has Rupert Murdoch ever did anything for the common good?


Geeee... excuse the typos.


i just happened to be surfing the net, and, erm.. "surfed" by your website. What part of taiwan are you in?
im from taiwan, although i live in america now. what are you doing there? and how do you like it (^_^)?

Michael Turton

Jackson! Where you been hidin'?

Tiger en Osmose

protect the tiger , we all should do that

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