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    ma3 ma3 hu1 hu1: ("so-so") a few of my own photos from Taiwan.
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I really enjoyed "watching" the pictures of food that you saved in this blog. Thanks a lot. they make me think of Taiwan again. It's interesting how you are interested in eating Hakka food. You really listed most of the delicious food in Taiwan.


interesting site
Greetings from Ellie


i love to know how you make that tea stuff 1 (= my mom makes this thing and you have to boil it with hot water and its into little small pieces and its melts and you have to wait until it cools down and eat it .. my mom she thinks it doesnt that flavorish so she makes it with bananas


This may not be the same thing. You don't actually boil the stuff with water, you just add boiling water and stir it. And bananas? Seems like a stange addition, as everything else is rather dry. Maybe it is another variation on lei cha.


This is a wonderful site. Thank you for sharing with the world. It reminds me so much of Hong Kong and China (obviously) and Viet Nam, I left with a small 3/4 full suitcase and returned home with no free room, most of which was filled with fresh teas and Vietnamese coffee. I've been inviting everyone I know over to indulge in the 5 main kinds of tea; everyone is speechless by the flavours produced.

This recipe reminds me of a similar recipe that my friends from Korea shared with me. It consists of a powdered tea mixed with spices, nuts, and specific tree roots, which unfortunately, he wasn't sure of the names. If anyone knows, could you please post a recipe? Thanks!


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I super enjoyed watching the pictures of food that you saved in this blog. Thanks for sharing this recipe.


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