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Hi TT,
Excellent words and images - especially the food.
I just wish I had the energy to do the same, but
getting up at 6:00 am, getting home at 6:30 pm
6 days a week and Sundays being used up as recovery from work, phoning relatives and going to the supermarket, didn't really leave much time for anything else.
Just once I would have liked to have spent a day dropping in to some of the places that I'd passed on the way to work to sit around eating nice food and watching the crazy traffic antics from a different viewpoint.
Oh well, I did meet some very nice and generous people (away from their vehicles of mass destruction) and get a few nice pictures also.
I really don't like to point out differences in cultures, but the idea of 'spatial awareness'
seems to be omitted from the Taiwanese people's traffic code. I'm guessing that the doctrine here is something like 'look after the front, the behind will take care of itself'.
Luckily it does in most cases, but trusting another person like that is fraught with danger I think...

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    So, this seems kind of crazy, but hey we all love to eat, right? In Taiwan, it's considered a hobby. When you go on a trip, you need to stop at such and such town for their great ______. Noodles, shrimp rolls, chicken thighs, soup, whatever. Everyplace seems famous for some addition to the Taiwanese culinary tradition. So here I am attempting to document some of the traditions of eating, the places to go, and the food itself. This will be a difficult and slow moving project, because I feel really strange photographing food in the presence of other diners, especially when I have to stand on a chair to get it all in.

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