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I think it's a lone lunatic.

Adam Morris

Reeks of China's involvement? How? You can't say something like that without reason or evidence. The fact is that we know nothing about how or why it happened, so we shouldn't be going around assuming things.


Hey, China apologist! Get back to China and stay there!

This is Taiwan NOT China and we do not need your whinging liberal lefty views urging "calm" and "reason" because Taiwan is free and democratic and we can, therefore, say what we like.

Our President survivied an assassination attempt yesterday and all you can do is get excited because someone has an opinion you think is UNREASONABLE?

Do you know how many Chinese agents operate in Taiwan? Are you really such a communist sympathiser that cannot, under any circumstances, accept allegations of Chinese involvement?

You people make me sick. You're a disgrace to the free world and your pathetic opinions are embarrassing.


The previous comment was not posted by me. I don't know who's going by my name there.


I am kinda with Adam here. For two days in a row in two very different subjects, I have been completely with his comments. Maybe I need to start reading his blog or something.

Why would anyone pretend to be Frank? That's freaky.



Also. I honestly don't think it's China because it would be smoother, quieter and successful.

I am writing a post about all the conspiracy theories I have heard and why I think they are ALL bunk.

Adam Morris

Well, whatever the case, anybody who reads my one comment on one blog and decides not to read me anymore based on that doesn't sound like someone I want reading me anyway.

Prince Roy

To argue that China is behind the assassination attempt is pretty silly. China would rather see Lian win of course, but it really doesn't affect China one iota should Chen prevail.


Just an observer. The assassination attempt on Chen's life is quite a joke. And a rational mind would first rule out China's involvement in the assassination.

1) It's really stupid to think China would gain from killing Chen. Lien was leading the polls. So, what's the point?! (this may also mean, Lien can be ruled out)

2) If China was the culprit, Chen would not continue to live as a hypocrite today. Professional killer leaving a 2-cm deep wound on Chen's pot belly? Funny eh.

3) China knows too well it's a usual suspect. If Chen really died, that will cause greater divide between both lands. (Lien, also a usual suspect could also be ruled out for similar reasons)

4) Chen has a great track record of using emotive tatics to win public support.

I guess so far, can only see some validity in Franklin's belief - a lone lunatic. Or perhaps, just a desperate someone taking a shot to win a game.

By the way, Taiwan authorities have already declared China's out of the picture.

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