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Bravo! And certainly expats should express themselves about the current events if they remain citizens and even if not. Too few citizens take Madonna's credo, "Express Yourself" to heart, as the French and the English most certainly do, and as an Iranian on public television did (and mind you Iran is a country where they do punish the expression of self).

Nevertheless, having watched a bit of Richard Perle a night or two or go, and having spent years thinking about our "hypocrisy" on the question of Palestine, I am unsure whether the term "hypocrisy" will change the minds of our current lonely betters. International Relations has been pursued quite nihilistically for years. The Marshall plan may have been the last idealistic gesture we have made, though some of the wild west maneuvers in Central America in the 80s also qualify as idealism. (They do so because when you engage in shenanigans very likely to have a tremendous PR blowback, you are no longer playing Texas hold 'em. All revolutions are idealistic, which neither impugns revolutions or idealism.) Mostly it is good old cynical realism that has held sway in the State Department and now Defense. That is what is most amusing about diplomats throwing down the gauntlet at the administration of 43. They thought they knew the limits of cynicism, but 43, elected for no reason but because he could be, has out cynicized them all.

In short, when you are World Power No. 1, all means of enforcement are open to you. In this respect, hypocrisy about about actual existing democracy is somewhere short of being surprising.


when you say punk, you mean asshole
when i say punk, i mean cuddle.
- Jenny Toomey

ps: a word on terminology: Bush is not neo-con, because they are in some bizarre way idealistic--that's why so many have roots in Trotskyism, and that's why Hitchens, he of the crusades against Kissinger and Mother Teresa, can be a fellow-traveler. Bush is from the Nixonian pragmatist wing, and more importantly, 43 is really only about the family. This is why, politically, it is more correct to call him "nihilistic" rather than Christian. He is a believer, but it doesn't influence his politics, although it sometimes influences his rhetoric.

pps: and, after going through various arguments about what makes the neo-cons neo-cons--whether they are still devotees of Trotksy, whether they are simply Straussians--I have concluded that all their philosophy adds up to is that they should be in power, and too much truth in public is a bad thing for those in power, which is Machiavelli. too bad that Strauss had to spend years reading Latin and Greek to teach that to his pupils.


Hey guess what, I'm planning on coming to Taiwan just in time to vote in the presidential election. Maybe I'll see you around town.

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