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Also, some of those folks (older ones usually) don't seem to distinguish between buff and fat. Show them a well-muscled guy and a fat guy and they would say they're about equally healthy, even though one guy is obviously healthier and better looking.

And even though there are different words for "strong" and "fat", I've heard them used interchangeably.

I often get "you're so skinny" comments, which I used to take as a compliment (sort of). Later I came to understand that they were words of worry, as if I was being starved or overworked or something. Sometimes it's even seen as a sign of bad parenting.

Of course, all that is all quite invalid now, ever since the 80s when American images started flooding in and people just generally wisening up.

Remember, in Chinese/Taiwanese culture, that common greeting is "have you eaten?" Also, you can discover a lot of wise idioms that use food-related illustrations (some of them really funny). Food is a big deal.

Brian David Phillips

Yes, food can be a big deal . . . the "you're fatter now" thing isn't so much seen as a compliment or as an insult, it's just a statement of difference . . . most likely . . . unless, like me, you really are much bigger . . . then it's a statement of "amazement" and not insult. The fatty "da pangdze" term doesn't carry the same negative connotations as it does in English.

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    This blog stands against the fictitious law passed in March 2005 by the P.R.C. proposing that unification is Taiwan's legal and moral duty, even to the point of the P.R.C. using force to uphold that fiction. TaiwanTiger ascribes to the statement of Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council that:

    "The Republic of China is an independent and sovereign nation and its sovereignty rests in the hands of the twenty-three million Taiwanese people. Only the twenty-three million Taiwanese people have the right to make the final decision on any change to the nation's status and future."

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  • Ai Yu 愛玉 3
    So, this seems kind of crazy, but hey we all love to eat, right? In Taiwan, it's considered a hobby. When you go on a trip, you need to stop at such and such town for their great ______. Noodles, shrimp rolls, chicken thighs, soup, whatever. Everyplace seems famous for some addition to the Taiwanese culinary tradition. So here I am attempting to document some of the traditions of eating, the places to go, and the food itself. This will be a difficult and slow moving project, because I feel really strange photographing food in the presence of other diners, especially when I have to stand on a chair to get it all in.

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