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This is Japanese yakiniku. There are a number of yakiniku restaurants here in Kaohsiung, and I often go to eat yakiniku. Basically, way too much food to handle for two people, though we try hard to finish it all. On the left is a small grill on which you grill all all the food that you then eat. A standard two person meal is a plate of seafood--squid, octopus, smelt fish, mackeral, salmon, clams in a broth, abalone, scallops, and a couple of big shrimp--, a plate of thinly shaved pork, a plate of thinly shaved beef, chicken legs, marinated chicken breast, Korean style kalbi (beef ribs), mushrooms, peppers, corn, and both dried and fresh tofu. This place also included a salad. In Taiwan, the yakiniku places also include a hotpot (on the right in the photo) with all sorts of things inside--tofu, mushrooms, beef, noodles, dumplings, vegetables, etc. We usually can't even have more than one bowl of hotpot by the time we get to it.

And of course, all the tea you can drink, followed by ice cream and fruit at the end.

Usually about NT$800 (US$24) for all of it.