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This is a pretty typical Taiwanese breakfast. Congee (jou1) is a rice porridge with a basic, somewhat bland flavor. There are many things you can add into it for flavor. Pickles, dried pork song, peanuts, tofu or dried fish. One of my favorite additions is pi dan (mushy black fermented eggs, know as "thousand year eggs"), which makes some people gag when eaten straight (not recommended!). But put it in congee or on top off tofu, and the strong taste is a great match with the more bland flavors of the rice porridge or tofu. We also had scrambled eggs at this one.

Actually, this breakfast is really not my favorite. I far prefer a Western breakfast to a Taiwanese one. At this hot springs hotel, the very kind owner found this fact out and gave me some bread for toast and some eggs to cook up in their self-service kitchen. And a welcome cup of coffee.