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An ping 安平 jelly

This is dou hua 豆花, a form of tofu that is somewhat like ice cream or silken tofu in consistency, but not sweet. The sweetness of this dessert comes from the sugary water that surrounds the 豆花 and the tapioca balls, which are one of the options you have with dou hua. Green mung beans (綠豆lu4 dou1) is another popular choice.

A delicious, not too sweet, dessert that is excellent on hot nights. Usually this is sold by the side of the road by an old man who occasionally shouts something that sounds nothing like any word at all. Sort of a "yaaaaaaaah." I guess that's dou1 hua1 in Taiwanese.

This is from a famous place in Tainan on Anping Street. Everyone in town knowns where it is.