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I decided photographing a menu would be the most help here. 7-11s in Taiwan are excellent. Open 24 hours for all purchases, with good cheap food. Of course, it's not all good for you. I don't really want to know how much fat that yummy yummy spicy chicken sandwich in the next to lowest line contains, cuz I ate a lot of them. Hey, at about US $1, you just get sucked in by how good they are. Let's see, they've got rice burger things, lunch boxes with fish or chicken, some good dumpling soups, spaghetti with seafood or chicken, a selection of burgers that are not pictured, and lots of noodle dishes. One of the challenges you face when you first move here and are a little shy about ordering dishes from food stalls is getting off the 7-11 diet. While tasty, it is not exactly healthy.